Counseling Solutions
of the Ozarks


Counseling Solutions of the Ozarks is located in the Doctor's Building at 1531 E. Sunshine,
Suite W-29
Springfield, MO 65804

Services are available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling (417) 887-9950.

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Susan Reid


cell phone:
(417) 827-2140

office phone:
(417) 887-9950

office fax:
(417) 887-9950




Susan Reid



Susan is a National Board Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor, also certified in Civil and Family Mediation, Juvenile Victim/Offender Mediation and Conflict & Dispute Resolution. She specializes in helping adolescents and adults with depression, grief, anger management, conflict resolution, self esteem and self-harm behaviors.

Susan's experience includes family, individual and group therapy at Lakeland, the Regional Girls Shelter, The Rez, Challenge Treatment Center, GCYA, the Greene County Juvenile Detention Center and Ozarks Counseling Center. Group experience includes anger management, social skills, self esteem, conflict resolution, divorce recovery and art expressions.


  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Emotion & Body Codes to identify and clear negative emotions


  • At Counseling Solutions, I form a partnership with families and community resources to ensure the success of the client.
  • I work with adolescents and adults on coping techniques, anger management strategies, appropriate social interactions, and self-acceptance to help them achieve their goals and function in their daily lives in a healthy and socially acceptable manner.
  • As an independent practitioner, I have the flexibility to work with clients in a timely and individualized manner in order to meet your needs.


Individual, Family, Couples or Emotion Code Counseling:
$65 per 50 minute session

If the regular fees present a financial hardship, I do work with families on a sliding scale.

If insurance covers mental health counseling, payment is accepted at the time of service, and the client is responsible for submitting a receipt to the insurance company for reimbursement.




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